Do I need to be a member? No, we are a public shooting range


Is there any family or group discounts? Currently all prices are per individual


When is the Range open? Tuesday thru Saturday 8am-dusk, Sunday 10am-dusk, Monday Closed


Do I need to make an appointment? Only for the rifle range


Can I flip buckets over to use as a chair?  No buckets are for empty shells only.


Do you have a shot gun range?  No shot guns are allowed.  This includes pistols that shoot 410 guage


What can be shot on the pistol range?  Most pistol calibers under 2000 fps are allowed


Can I shoot my rifle on the pistol range?  Pistol caliber rifles are allowed on the pistol range (22mm 9mm)


Is the rifle range open?  Currently 1 lane of rifle is open (repairs are in process); High velocity ammunition only


Can I shoot rapid fire on the rifle range?  No.  Rifle lanes are for seated aimed fire only


Do you rent/sell firearms? No, we do not rent or sell firearms.  You must have your own equipment


Can I bring my own equipment?  Yes.  We do sell targets, foam ear plugs, safety glasses, limited ammo (22mm 9mm) incase you forget or need something


When is the kitchen open?  The kitchen is currently open Wednesday thru Saturday 8am-3pm and Sunday 10am-3pm


Is there space for meetings/events? We do have a function room available for events, meetings, clubs, parties etc


Are there any local ammo stores? Pioneer Guns & Ammo and Southeastern Sports


Do you offer a concealed carry class?  Please reach out to for training