PISTOL RANGE (22 Lanes; First Come First Served)

  • Our maximum distance for the pistol range is 25 yds.  Please bring a staple gun or tape to attach your targets to the backers.  We do sell staple guns and tape if needed 
    • However, our hand retrieval system allows you to set your own distance (5yd, 8yd, 15 yd). 
  • We are set up for standing only.  (Certain accommodations can be provided for those who need it.)
  • We do have one handicap stall available which features a larger and lower bench (under repairs)
  • Most pistol calibers under 2000 fps are allowed.
  • Limited 22 ammo available for purchase (Prices/Brands/Availability all subject to change)

Outside of Stalls

23 Stalls

























RIFLE RANGE Space is limited (6 at 50yds/2 at 100yds); First come First Served

  • 22 and 9mm rifles may be shot at the pistol range or rifle range
  • Some days will be closed for construction.  
  • 50yd benched aimed fire; NO RAPID FIRE - Two 100yd lanes are now open (must sight in at 50yd first)
  • No armor piercing ammo is allowed
  • Hot & Cold Line will be monitored/called for safety changing targets.
  • Please bring your own rifle rest, spotting scope, towels.  
    • We have limited equipment for rent (Free for Yearly's)

  Bench rifle